3 Golden Rules for a Successful Business Blog

3 Golden Rules for a Successful Business Blog

As a business owner, you already know that everybody lives on the Internet, even you, your family and your friends, not to mention your customers. Having a business website to present and sale your products and services is mandatory nowadays, and very few didn’t line up to the digital marketing trends.

But running a business blog sometimes is a little more complicated, as it requires time, effort and inspiration for writing and not many are so good at sitting in front of a text editor and come up with a compelling article that will keep the customers coming back again and again. Maybe you are willing to take up the challenge or maybe your online marketing manager will eventually take over the process of running the business blog, but there are at least three rules to keep in mind that will keep your blog successful.

  1. 1.      Know what the blog’s goals are

One often (and unforgivable) mistake business owners do is to transform their business blog into another type of advertising strategy, posting press releases, the new offers and discounts, trying to sell and pitch new products to the customers, basically mirror-imaging the main website to the blog. In an article for The Entrepreneur, Peter Alexander states that “Readers can smell a blatant pitch a mile away” and you personally know it is true.

So make your blog about what really matters: you and your company. Provide your readers with valuable information that is useful, thought – provoking, reflects current trends in the specific market you act in, shares updated information and researched data. You articles should be fun and light and easy to read, but they also have to be informative and feed the customers’ need to come back and read some more. You already have a sales team, a PR and marketing department and a clients’ portfolio. Make the blog personal and interesting and don’t sell anything through it.

  1. 2.      Your blog should sparkle interaction

Any business owner should know who their clients are, their profile, style of life and thinking, needs, revenues and willingness to stay faithful to your brand. Your blog should address directly to your customers as people just like you and offer them the possibility to interact with you and with each other. Without comments, feedback and natural post shares, your blog will not reach its goal.

If you have an idea about your customers’ interests, blog about them and entice them to answer back and spread the word forward. Do you sell furniture? Write a post about the newest trends in the furniture design and ask your customers to contribute with their findings. Are they busy people barely having time to take a few days off? Write a list with great city-breaks ideas for those who afford to get away for the week-end in a mini-trip. They will be thankful for it and more willing to come back to your blog.

  1. 3.      Your blog should be entertaining

This is not as easy as it might seem. People are sick and tired of their own daily problems, so the Internet is an escape to a far more relaxing realm. Reading blogs is part of this strategy we use to alleviate stress and boredom, but you don’t run an amusement park, but a company blog. So it should be informative and interesting and fun, without overstepping the line of superficiality or triviality. To manage to control all these variables, you should be creative enough to write articles that are serious, but entertaining, informal but not disrespectful, informative but not academic and so on.

Do you lack the creativity and writing skills to achieve all these? Paul Boag draws a very simple conclusion after writing a very serious (but entertaining!) article on BoagWorld: “So the secret of successful company blogging is simple. Don’t give up when you run out of ideas. Instead try changing your approach to blogging and don’t be afraid to keep your posts short.” He has a lot of interesting ideas regarding business blogging but keep in mind that perseverance is everything.

A business blog is an important resource of keeping your faithful customers close and attract future customers as well. If you can’t do it alone, as another golden rule is to keep your blog constantly updated, then ask your company members to write too. Specialists say a change in style and tone of voice is beneficial, not to mention people may resonate to different subject, opinions and even writers.

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