Manage Your Money a Few Tips

Manage Your Money a Few Tips

Due to the current economic climate in the United Kingdom, conjuring up new ways to save and make money is now more important than ever. The vitality of managing our money better cannot be overstated and here are a few tips to help us do look after our funds.

The Flower Coin Trick

We all love flowers in a house, they always brighten up the room. But flowers are quite expensive and you want them to last. This can be simply done by taking a copper coin (say a 2p coin) and dropping it in. This will cause the flowers to last for around double the length of time.

The Lemon Juice Trick

Many recipes rely on a few drops of lemon juice. Don’t waste a whole lemon. Take a wooden skew, push it into your lemon, squeeze the juice out and put the lemon back in the fridge for next time!

The Sugar Trick

If you take a couple of spoonfuls of sugar in your tea, here’s a way you can get away with only using half. Put your sugar into the cup with a teabag in first (just half of your usual tea spoonful amount), then add your hot tea, stir, and add your milk and it’ll taste just as sweet with half the sugar.

The Tax Refund Trick

If you’re a business owner you might be missing out on thousands of pounds owed to you by the HMRC in the form of tax refunds. For example if you’ve bought or made extensions, improvements or alterations to a commercial property, you could very well be owed thousands!

There are a plethora of companies online that can discern whether or not you’re owed a tax refund by the HMRC, help calculate how much you are owed and help claim that money back.

The Hay Smell Trick

There’s nothing better than a freshly painted room, except for the smell. Why waste money on air fresheners? All you need is a bucket of water and some hay from the pet shop. Put the hay in the water and leave it in the room for around 24 hours. By the end of it, the smell will be gone.

The Eat Before You Food Shop Trick

We all tend to overspend on foodstuffs while we’re hungry. The reason is simple: when we’re hungry our eyes are generally too big for our bellies. One way of countering this problem is simply eating before you do your food shopping.

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