Money-Saving Insurance Deals

Money-Saving Insurance Deals

In the face of a triple-dip recession, UK consumers are looking to save wherever they can. The new car industry, which was so strong in the early 2000s, has taken a hit with the rest of the economy. Luckily, the used car industry has taken over where its more expensive brother left off and now accounts for almost 4 out of 5 cars bought in the UK. Our used car industry is the largest in Europe and, with experts predicting an extremely slow recovery; it looks set to continue growing.

For many drivers the price of a brand new car, coupled with the extreme fall in its value the moment you drive it away, has pushed them towards the cheaper option of buying a used vehicle. As well the fully-comprehensive insurance being cheaper, the depreciation of 2 or 3 year old cars is much slower than with a brand new model. While fuel prices remain high and luxuries continue to be at a premium, buying used is most likely to be the most economical choice.

In response to persistent stereotypes of dishonest salesmen in cheap suits, the used car industry has given itself a make-over. Now re-focused on customer interaction and quality service, websites like VCARS have emerged to connect the buyer with thousands of sellers around the country. Choice has bred competition and, between private individuals and accredited dealers, the UK consumer has never had such a wide choice of used cars. As well as a lower up-front cost, fully-comprehensive insurance is typically cheaper on a used model, making the idea even more appealing.

The huge increase in choice has led to a massive increase in available information and advice, making it even easier to be sure that the car you’ve found is right for you.

This checklist is a great place to start. You should always make sure the used car you want to buy is in the advertised condition and by taking a few sensible precautions you can be certain that your bargain is worth the price you’re paying.

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