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Calling all bloggers, contribute a guest post today!

If  you love to blogging about making, saving & investing money, Then we would  love to here from you.  It’s great to get different perspective from other personal finance bloggers & make new connections.   So If you’re a blogger or writer contact me either via the contact form or by email admin@money-fox.com with the subject line “Guest Post”, for an opportunity to write for Money Fox.   I happy to except guest posts which meet following criteria.

Guest post guidelines

  1. Please ensure your articles are of sufficient length to be enjoyed by my reads (500 words plus should do it) and are 100% unique!
  2. Guest posts are more likely to be excepted if you have previous engaged on money-fox.com in the form of valuable Comments, tweets, facebook likes etc.
  3. Articles should be based around personal finance, frugality & saving money.
  4. Please provide an author bio with a link back to your site.
  5. Please double check grammar and spelling before submitting there’s nothing like a spellling mistake to ruin a post.
  6. Gravatar account details are always welcome, this is a optional request, but i like to put a face to a post to give it some character.
  7. Please send your article in notepad or word format, HTML formatting is not required but it is handy for a quick turn around.
  8. If you use images or quotes within your guest post please ensure to document the source used in the article.
  9. As the site own I reserve the right to make minor editorial changes but i promise not to take away anything of the essences of the article.

I hope you enjoy my blog and i look forward to hearing from you soon, the Fox.